• The Shoreline Stories walk is a relaxed, guided, circular walk of lasting approximately 1hr 30 mins. Along this family-friendly route you'll hear stories about Rathlin's rich history and heritage and a few tall tales thrown in for good measure.


    *Ferry travel not included*


    Rathlin Island lies 5.5 miles off the coast of Ireland. Situated just off the coast of Ballycastle it is home to one of the largest bird sanctuaries in Northern Ireland. An island steeped in history and folklore, it is the perfect spot for a family day out! Many tales of myth and mystery surround Rathlin; perhaps the most famous tells of Robert the Bruce. In 1306, the Scottish King was driven from Scotland by Edward I of England and took refuge on Rathlin, where he watched a spider persevering repeatedly to bridge a gap with its web. Eventually it succeeded. Taking heart from the spider's efforts, he returned to Scotland and eventually regained his crown. 



    • Rathlin was probably the first Irish island to become inhabited, it is presumed man arrived here somewhere between 6000 - 5000BC from Scotland . It can also claim to have a gruesome history as it was the scene of several major massacres of the population . Another claim for fame is that it is surrounded by some of the strongest tides, supported by the large number of boat wrecks lying in the waters around its coast . By 2500BC the islanders had built up a thriving export business in axes made from porcellanite . The raw material was found on the western side of the island and the finished product was mainly used for forestry type work . Although the remains of the axe-factory are inaccessible, information can be obtained about Rathlin's history at the Boathouse Visitor Centre . Another rare material found in the limestone cliffs was flint and this contributed to the prosperity of the island, however things changed in 1800BC with the appearance of copper axes from Spain